The Benefits Of Tutoring

Mathematics & Tutoring With David Seff

There are many benefits of tutoring. It provides an opportunity for students to grow confidence as students and build the necessary skills to succeed. Here are five reasons that a tutor can really help students inside and outside the classroom.

1) Individualized Learning

Tutoring offers a unique atmosphere where you can be taught in a way that works best for you. It can be hard to learn in a classroom with 20+ other students wanting and needing attention. While the teachers are capable of helping everyone, sometimes kids need a little extra one-on-one time outside the classroom for it to really click. Tutors can customize the lessons and activities for each individual student.

2) Battle The Summer Slide

The summer slide refers to a learning loss over the long summer months. Usually kids are not practicing their skills in the summer, leading to sliding back a few months of learning. That is where a tutor can really help! Tutoring will ensure that students do not fall behind over the summer, and are ready to hit the ground running next school year.

3) Free Of Distractions

When you are with a tutor, there are no other students around to be a distraction. It is a special space where the student and tutor can focus entirely on learning. Whether it is at the home or library, these individual lessons help students focus on what is most important.

4) Extra Practice

Simply put, some students just need more practice than others. A tutor provides guided practice that will help students master the material with confidence. If a student is having trouble grasping the material, they may become even more frustrated with school. Practicing with a tutor will help them build confidence in themselves and master the subject in the process.

5) Study At Your Own Pace

There are no time restrictions, there are no tests, and there is no sense of competition. Students can review skills and learn new skills at a comfortable pace. Students could benefit with just a few sessions or more long-term sessions throughout the year.