About David Seff

David Seff is a mathematics professor with decades of experience both in the classroom and tutoring students. He has experience teaching a wide range of classes, including Calculus, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Probability & Statistics among other courses. 

David received his Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics & Physics as well as his Masters in History from Yeshiva University. David then attended New York University, The Courant Institute of Mathematical Science, where he earned his Masters of Science in Mathematics. As someone that understands the importance of continuing education, David Seff has always been taking or auditing courses and going to math seminars and conventions.

David Seff has taught many courses at colleges in the NY Metropolitan area. David taught Mathematics for Business Majors at Baruch College, Calculus at Lehman College and Toruo College and “Fun With Mathematics” at The New School, just to name a few. David Seff designed and taught the ‘Fun With Mathematics” course as a way to demonstrate to students how mathematics can be appreciated by people with little background in the subject similar to how a symphony can be enjoyed by those who are not composers or musicians

David Seff started tutoring when he was in the first grade, when his teacher asked him to help other students who were weaker, and he has been tutoring ever since.

Outside of the classroom, David Seff is still committed to learning and educational development. For over 40 years, David has run a home tutoring business, specializing in Regents Exams and SAT preparation. One of his proudest moments involved helping one student go from a 0 on a sample Regent’s exam to an 80 on the real test in only a matter of two months. 

In addition, David Seff has worked for various test preparation centers that help prepare students for standardized exams such as the SAT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT exams.  He has authored test preparation material, answers, and an instructor’s manual used to teach the instructors how to teach math to high school students preparing for the SAT.  The center for which David Seff wrote the instructor’s manual was named by Cue Magazine as the #1 test preparation center for SAT exams in the New York Metropolitan area because it had both the best pricing and best results—students who took their course had, on the average, a 200 point increase on the math section of the SAT exam.

If you are interested in David Seff’s tutoring services, please inquire with him on the contact page. Also, feel free to check out his YouTube channel and other social media profiles for great math lessons and other announcements.